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8 reasons to do newborn photography

Why do people take newborn photos? You might say the baby is so fresh, so fragile. You might say the baby should stay at home and you can’t take the baby to somewhere. You might say it’s better to wait and take some photos when the baby is a bit older. 

Well, it makes some sense. But as a newborn photographer and a Mum of 3 myself I can name 8 reasons why it’s not true and newborn photos can’t wait. Let’s start!

1. In a very short period of time (3-4 weeks) your tiny newborn will become a baby. He will be very cute and sweet but not so tiny and fresh as he was in his first 2 weeks. His little newborn features will disappear for ever.

2. In about 3 weeks your newborn will have a growth sprout. He won’t be so curly and sleepy. He’ll want to stretch his arms and legs. It can make his posing a little bit tricky and transitions can disturb him more.

3. Have you ever seen newborn smiles? They are not predictable but so sweet!

4. His emotions are immediately displayed on his face. They are changing in a second and only photos can save them for ever.

5. Newborn photo set is a chance to take a break in your Mum routine. It takes time to get used to being a Mum. It takes time to know your newborn and his needs. Sometimes you can get lost in nappies, bottles, feeding, sleep deprivation, feeding again. During the session you can relax and enjoy the process. Or even have a nap!

6. After the newborn photo session you’ll get your photos as hi res digital files good for printing. You can use them for any kind of print products - regular prints, canvas, photo albums, calendars, etc

7. Printed photos of your little one can be a perfect gift to the whole family. Especially if your extended family lives far from you.

8. You'll treasure canvas with newborn photos for many years. They will remind you the very first days of your precious baby. 

So don’t think any further! Google for “newborn photographer near me”, message me or give me a call when you are still pregnant. We’ll book a newborn photo session based on your due date. It’s a rough date and we'll confirm it later when the baby arrives. 

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