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How do I choose a newborn photographer in Auckland

studio newborn portrait

Choosing a newborn photographer in Auckland can be a tricky thing and it might be a good idea to start thinking about that while you are still pregnant. Once you decided to take the photos of your newborn, there are different ways you can start looking for the newborn photographer to find the best one. First, you might have friends or relatives with babies, ask them - they might have been there and might give you some recommendations. Second, you can search Instagram, Facebook, or any other media. Use “newborn photographer” or “newborn photography” as the keywords, indicate your location, say, “West Auckland” and you’ll get the list of newborn photographers in your area. After that you can easily check their websites and pages to see if you like the style and editing, check their prices and packages, and here you go!Technically it’s not that difficult as it seams to be. The most important is to find YOUR newborn photographer, the person who can make the whole session stress free and comfortable for you and (most important) for the newborn. That’s why the word of mouth can play the key role in your search. Personal recommendations and positive experience during and after the session are very important along with beautiful pictures in the portfolio. Another thing you might want to think about is what is offered during and after the newborn session. Do you want the photographer to come to your place or you are ready to come to the studio? Can you discuss your colour and setup preferences before the session? Can you trust the newborn photographer to style the session is case you are not sure about any particular setup? Can you get any info how the session is going, what to expect before, during, and after the session? Are you limited in time, or photo quantity? Can you feed or change the newborn during the session? What do you get after, what is included into the delivery package? Can you get any extra photos and how much are they? Send all these and any other questions you might have re the session to the newborn photographers in your short list, get the answers, compare, and make your choice!

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