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Different styles in newborn photography - props vs simple

Newborn photography is another style in family photography. It’s so different from kids and family photography. It has its own rules and traditions. But no worries, rules can be broken. Traditionally there are two different styles in newborn photography. Let’s call the first one “natural” and second one “styled”. And now I’m happy to show you the difference. It doesn’t matter that one style is better than the other one. They are just different. It’s the matter of taste which one to prefer. More over one newborn photo session can be a perfect mix of both styles. It can take the most from both of them. So, let’s jump into some examples. The natural style in newborn photography is all about the baby. The baby is posed on a plain backdrop. Neutral wrap is used sometimes to caver the baby. If it’s a baby girl, she can wear a cute tiny hairband. No other props, no baskets, no accessories. Just the baby. It’s a perfect way to show how sweet the newborn is. To show his/her cuteness. Other distracts you from seeing the newborn, admiring his or her little features. The best time for newborn photography is 5-15 days once the baby arrives. In this age newborns are very curly and can be easily posed and curled. They are also very good sleepers. It does matter as the baby is often transitioned from one pose to another during the session. It is so to make different photos, to get the variety in your viewing gallery. But don’t worry that your precious baby can get stressed. I do all the transitions very gentle and soft to keep the baby comforted and relaxed. The second style - let’s call it “styled” - requires some more stuff. I use a wide library of props such as buckets, baskets, trays, fresh flowers. I use different wraps, bonnets, caps and hats, hairbands, tiny crowns , and lots of other cute things. Placing the baby into a basket shows how tiny the baby is. Knitted wraps and fur blankets are a perfect combination with soft baby’s skin. Do you know why ladies used to love fur coats and gorgets? To stress how soft and gentle is their own skin. Same with the newborns :) Various textures, backdrops, blankets add some nice touch to the setup and comfort the baby. I also like to use fresh leaves and flowers to decorate my newborn photography. It’s amazing how huge are some real leaves comparing to a newborn! And any newborn is so fresh and fragile, so the fresh flowers are. So, now you know the secret and can choose! Do you want your newborn photography to be simple and very laconic? Or do you prefer some fancy setup with fresh flowers? Or you might want to keep both styles and have a perfect mix. It’s absolutely up to you. Make your choice and message me to book your session!

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