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Cake Smash - can it be done just once?

Who said a cake smash session can be done just once, when the baby turns 1? There’s no certain rules for that! Another day I was taking photos for a sweet boy turning 2 and he just loved his themed cake smash setup.

cake smash photo shoot studio Auckland

Quite often 1 year old babies are not that keen to smash the cake. Sometimes they are not even interested to touch or taste it. And that’s fine. Getting older they might be more interested!

The cake smash can be done at my place, in your house or even outside. I provide all setups and accessories for the photo shoot. I can also provide clothes for the baby if required or you are most welcome to use your outfits. In this case, I’m happy to recommend what’s good for photos and match the setups and the clothes.

During the cake smash session I usually start without the cake to take a few ‘clean’ photos when the baby is still nice and clean. And then we go for the most exciting part - smashing the cake. Usually it’s lots of fun and your little one will enjoy that! And you will enjoy the photos we take to capture this special day in his life.


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