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There’s no better way to find a theme for a post than following you and your requests. I don’t need to invent a wheel if I’m listening to you and hear your questions. Just an example - during one of my recent photo shoot Mum told me she wasn’t keen to include family photos into her newborn session. She didn’t like her look, she gained weight, she felt tired and had no energy for getting herself ready for the photo shoot.

studio newborn photography auckland

But one of her friends mentioned: ‘just imagine your baby become older and he’ll have no photos with you from this photo set. All your excuses won’t be valid any more. What will you tell him?’ So the Mum thought ‘hmm, she’s right!’

She came to me and asked for recommendations. So we decided to break the photo shoot into 2 parts. The first one - posed, studio-like baby only session. The baby was nicely wrapped and positioned in props. The second - family - part was more candid. It was a relaxed and easy going photo shoot with lots of sweet family moments captured. There was no need for Mum and Dad to pose. They were doing what they usually do with their baby - cuddling, kissing, settling, chanting nappies, holding. I was just playing around them with my camera and capturing the most precious moments.

It ended to be a perfect mix of posed baby photos and lifestyle family ones. These photos are very special and they show the best version of your real life. Wrapped and posed baby in a bowl is very cute but it’s still just a staged image. Lifestyle photos will save your real life. Things will change, your baby will grow up, your life won’t be all around nappies and bottles. Looking at lifestyle photos years later you’ll see your baby and your family exactly as they were at that stage.

If it sounds like smth you’d love to have for your baby and family, drop me a message and I’ll happy to discuss the best option for you.


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