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Setups can make or break your newborn photo shoot

auckland studio newborn photography, setups

I love newborn photography. Every time a baby arrives at my photography studio, my

sole focus is on making the session run smoothly and capturing your baby in the

most beautiful of ways.

People often comment on how relaxed my sessions are and how I move seamlessly

between setups. Let me tell you my secret formula: organisation! Before you and

your baby arrive at my studio, we’ll discuss the kind of style you’re after. On the day,

I’ll have everything planned out and ready to go. This doesn’t mean that my sessions

are rigid; if we decide on a different angle or prop, I can find alternative items thanks

to my excellent wardrobe organisation. All of my accessories are colour coded and

arranged so I can find them easily. Do you want us to capture your tiny girl in baby

pink or dusky pink shades? No problem! Perhaps you’d like earth tones and natural

greens for your bouncing baby boy? Leave it to me!

Believe me, this military-style organisation is so important to keep my vast library of

props and accessories in order.

Props, props and more props

auckland studio newborn photography

After my camera and lighting, props are the building blocks of a good newborn photo

shoot. They’re the difference between an average setup and an awesome one. They

mean I can tailor a photo shoot to all tastes and preferences.

Here’s a selection of the props I stock in my studio, which we might decide to use

during our newborn photo shoot:

  • Wraps and blankets

  • Baskets and buckets

  • Fresh and artificial flowers

  • Soft, cuddly toys

  • Hats and hair accessories

  • Baby booties, mittens and other tiny baby items

If there’s something of sentimental value that you’d like us to incorporate into the

photo shoot, bring it along and I’ll make sure we do so. This could include a special

toy, a meaningful item of jewellery or a knitted blanket.

Where do I find the props and accessories for my super setups?

The answer to this is anywhere and everywhere! I’m never off duty… even on my

holidays, I’m scouring local shops and markets for those special newborn

accessories or that perfect basket to position baby in the most comfortable way. Day

to day, I cooperate with vendors from across the world to source items for you and

your baby. When I can’t find what I’m looking for or if a customer requests something

new, I turn my hand to it. I’ve upcycled and crafted so many items. These projects

are a true labour of love, ensuring that your newborn photo shoot is as special and

as unique as your baby.

Ready to experience one of my setups in real life? Get in touch for a tour of my


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