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What to wear for the outdoor family photos?

outdoor portrait of young happy family on natural background, family photography

One of the things you might be interested in before your outdoor family photo session is what to wear? What are the best outfits for all people involved into the photo set? Actually, it’s not that tricky. I’m here to give you some ideas and tips to make that even more easy. Let’s say nothing about fashion photography as we are playing another game. Lifestyle family photos are candid, natural, and real. Of course we’ll take some posed “official” photos but most of the time I’ll encourage you to move, walk, hug, have fun, lay in the grass, run by the water edge, and relax. That means that your clothes should be comfortable and you should be absolutely OK with sitting on the ground or walking through the grass. If something is bothering you in your outfit, you’ll be thinking about that and it won’t let you feel really relaxed during the photo set. So, rule number 1 - comfort!Another thing is “matching”. Browse through Pinterest, have a look at some designer’s collections, ask for my advise, and choose matching colours and textures for your family outfits. It’s shouldn’t be “green only” but you can combine different shadows of green, green and blue, green and yellow, green and browns, or green and red for a brighter look. Get the clothes you are going to have for the session out from the wardrobe, put in on the floor and have a look. Do you like it? Do you like the way all that clothes items match each other? If yes, you’ve done a great job! If you are not sure, take a snapshot with your phone and email it to me to have another opinion. I’m always happy to help you and it’s a part of my job - styling our family photography to make the photos perfectly colour balanced and stunning. Solid neutral colours are better than bright patterns and prints unless all of you are having the same patterned clothes -stripes, squares, etc. Jeans and neutral tops, matching dresses, some accessories - simple but elegant way to style your session. Remember to try the outfits a couple of days before the photo set. You want to be sure the clothes fit you, and it’s clean and tidy. You might want to take a photo with your mobile phone to see if you like your family look and, again, feel free to send the snapshot to me if you need another word on it. Remember, lifestyle family photography is not about your clothes and outfits, it’s not about fashion, it’s fully about your family, your connections, your emotions. These are the most important things in family photography. Nice, perfectly chosen, neutral clothes is just an add-on, background, a very important detail that can ruin the whole photo session or make it absolutely perfect, well-styled, color-balanced, and gorgeous.

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