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Why you can’t make good newborn photos in 10 minutes?

The best time for taking newborn photos is between 5-15 days after the birth. When babies are that fresh they spend more time sleeping and can be easily curled up in that sweet and cozy poses. After 2 weeks babies go through a growth spurt and will try to stretch their arms and legs that can make the whole session a little bit different.

studio newborn photography

Ok, you might say if a newborn spends almost all day sleeping so it’s really easy to take lots of beautiful photos and it won’t take much time. The answer is yes and no. Clicking the button takes just several seconds but getting that perfect photo can take much more time. Most of the time is spent to comfort the baby, to pose him or her, nail the pose for the perfect look, and only after that you can take the shot. Some newborns are very touchy and can be easily upset if you try to flatten their little fingers or turn their head just a little bit. So you’ll need some time to make them happy and comforted again. To be honest at least half of the session time goes into baby’s comforting and feeding. Of course, as a newborn photographer I have my own little tricks to make the session shorter, easier, and smoother. I’m sure you might not be that happy to see dozens of similar photos in your newborn viewing gallery, right? So I’ll need to use different setups, accessories, colours, and props to take different photos and have different looks. And here we come to the most tricking thing for a newborn photographer - transitioning the baby from one pose to another or changing the setup, while trying to keep the newborn asleep and happy. To be able to do so the newborn photographer should be really patient and considerable to the baby. I’ll never force the newborn to a pose he/she doesn’t like. I’ll spend several more minutes to be sure the baby is deep asleep before I perfect the pose and nail it. I’m very gentle changing the setup and putting the baby to another basket. All that is not fast and takes time.

So, just to be short - please allow 2-3 hours for your full newborn session, mini session can take less time. And I’ll do my best as the newborn photographer to shorten the session time, to make the process more easy-going and relaxed, and to provide as many various photos as possible.

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