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Candid Lifestyle Family Photography

What family photos are you after? Are you after those official posed photos that you can print on a canvas and hang on your wall? Are you sure these stiff poses, stage faces, and unnatural smiles will make you happy in many years? Of course yes if you are after that sort of photography.

outdoor lifestyle family photography

Or you aim to capture your precious family connections and real emotions? So, you might be keen to take your family photos in some other way. Here we come to the main difference between studio and outdoor family photography.

Being outdoors in a park or down the beach makes the whole session much easier. It encourages you to be more relaxed and candid. It helps to enjoy your family time and give real emotions and smiles to each other. It can be even more true for families with younger kids. Kids can be very uncomfortable to sit still at one place for a long time and are happy to run around and have fun. Don’t worry they are way too fast! It’s my job as a family photographer to be quick enough to catch their smiles and unique family moments. You’ll treasure these photos for many years. During your family photo session I’ll encourage you to move, walk, run, have fun, and enjoy. I’ll suggest being closer to each other. I'll encourage you not to be afraid of touching or wrapping your arms around your kids. There are so many other small things that will show how close you are as the family. Sure thing we’ll take some stationary family photos. But usually we take the most beautiful photos during your family snuggles and play time.

So, what are the things that make real family photography? These are your natural smiles, closeness to each other, hugs, and kisses. Family photography is all about you, your family, and your happiness being together.

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