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Custom-made newborn photography

I believe newborn photography is very unique and special. Every single baby is so precious and “the only one in the whole world”! I want to show that in my photos and make these photos very special, outstanding, not like many others. I believe your newborn photos can be different from the others. They can be one and only. I make every session unique by using different setups, approaches, colours, accessories, and details. In collaboration with amazing Anna from Tiaré. The Art of Flowers we are starting a new project of custom-made newborn photography. Just imagine a very unique, special, hand-made sentimental item incorporated to your shots. An item that keeps your family memories and stories. An item custom-made for your precious newborn. An item that will be kept and treasured for many years and can start a new family tradition. This can be a piece of hair decoration, a flower cup, an angel or decorative plate with the name and date of birth for your baby.

custom made newborn photography

>>>How it works?<<< Once the session is booked, you talk to Anna from Tiaré. The Art of Flowers to tell her your story and wishes. Anna is a genius of deco-clay. Her fingers can make real flowers and the cutest hair decorations for newborn girls. According to your story, Anna will create a unique personalized piece of art for our photo session. I'll include this hand-made treasure into our photo session. After the session you'll take it home wrapped in a beautiful craft box. In many years coming this custom-made treasury will remind you the day when your kid was a newborn. Imagine how pleased your grownup girl will be to see a hair flower she was photographed with being a tiny baby! How impressed your adult son will be to find a tiny angel-toy with his name on it!

Besides being a memory-keeper, this piece of art will make the photos even more unique and special. No other newborn will be photographed in the same setups or with the same hair flowers. These will be only for you, for your baby, for your family. Something "the only-one-in-the-world"! So don’t think any further! PM me to book your session and let the journey begin!

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