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newborn photography

Newborn photography is my very fresh baby. I started newborn photography a little bit more than 1 year ago. I have so many things to learn yet but even now I can say I did a great job. Looking back I can see a huge difference between my photos done at that time and my current works. The difference is in posing, in lighting, in editing and retouching. You may ask me why it so happened? The answer is super easy - I’m always learning. I’m in photography for more than 10 years. I did weddings, couples, families. But newborn photography is my passion now. I can hardly remember a day when I don’t look at other newborn photographers photos. I pay attention to the poses, using the light, editing tools and instruments. I’m the member of several photography groups. In these groups best newborn photographers share their experience and answer the questions. I watch tones of educating videos and tutorials. I spend hours and hours to become better and to photograph better. Self-education is not the only one way to improve. Personal workshops and educational courses work even better. During the last 6 months I took several personal workshops. One of them is on retouching techniques designed for newborn and family photography. It was from one of the best newborn photographer in Europe. I spent lots of time practicing, learning, trying new things, and figuring out my own workflow. Thanks to that I can use different tools and instruments to achieve the result I need. I took a personal mentoring session from another newborn photographer. It was to know how to pose a newborn, how to perfect the posing, wrapping, using the light. I learned very important hints how to settle the baby, to comfort and relax the parents. All that gives me confidence and the feeling that I manage the situation. I am sure I can do my best and take the best photos I can. My newborn sessions are relaxing and easy-going for the newborn and parents. They seem to be very easy. Even if the baby is very touchy and fussy the photos will look peaceful and relaxed. To get this effect and feeling I put all my experience and knowledge into the session. Hours and hours of learning make me a professional you can trust. My expertise ensures amazing newborn photos, and a pleasant time during the session. I know how to make the photo shoot time a relaxing and pleasant journey for the family.

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