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Family photos as a part of newborn photography

newborn famiy photography

Once a newborn appears in you family it’s a beginning of another story. If there were only two of you, now you are the family of three. If you had other kids your new bundle of joy will add even more happiness to your family. So taking family photos as a part of newborn photo session is very important. These family photos will keep the memories of the very first days being together. It will show how tiny your newborn is, compared to Mum, Dad, or even a sibling. Formal family portraits as the whole family can be followed by some shots of newborn in dad’s or mum’s hands. Have you even thought how tiny and fragile is baby’s feet wrapped with dad’s fingers? These small cute details stress how small is the baby. Years after these photos will remind you how little were your baby’s toes or heels. Mum and the newborn is another essential part of the session. The connection between the newborn and Mum is so strong, they are as the whole one. And family photos will show that for sure. And I shouldn’t miss out sibling and newborn part of the session. These photos are way too cute! I believe your kids couldn’t wait for the newborn. They are so proud to be big sisters and brother now! They are very protective, very keen to help, they are experts in nursing and comforting the baby. I can keep this wonderful moment for ages. I know how to show the connection between big brother or sister and the newborn. If you bring any siblings to the session please think about some recommendations. I recommend to bring the siblings either in the beginning of the session or by the end. During the newborn session time it’s much easier and comfortable if there are only three of us in the studio - you, your baby, and me. 3 hours is way too long for kids to sit still. They can get hungry, tired, bored or excited in unfamiliar place. So, please arrange someone’s help (dad, friends, child care) to look after your elder kids during the session time. And relax! Kids are kids. They don’t need all that photos :) They can be not very cooperative and happy. They can have bad days, they can be hungry or sleepy. I have lots of experience photographing babies and kids. I have some tricks to take beautiful photos even in this case. But the most important thing is your attitude and staying calm and positive during the negotiations with your not-so-cooperative little one. You might want to refer to my before-arrival guide for some other tips and info to get prepared for the session.

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