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Why should I have professional photos of my newborn

newborn studio photo

Yesterday I received a message from someone asking about my newborn photography. This lady was very upset telling me her partner isn’t sure they should take newborn photos for their baby. He said they can do that themselves with their phone. He said it doesn’t worth time and money. He said baby is too small to bring him somewhere. Well, I can understand the reasons. I can understand your anxiety and concerns. I totally can understand all that. But let me tell you something.

Maternity and expecting the baby is the very beginning of a real life-long journey. When the baby arrives it’s not the end. It’s the very start. It’s a start of a new life. It’s a new life for you and for your family. It takes time to get used to it. It takes time to know your newborn and his needs. Sometimes you can get lost in nappies, bottles, feeding, sleep deprivation, feeding again, etc. And time flies. In a short period of 4 weeks your tiny newborn becomes a baby. Are you sure you can take a breath and stop to take nice photos of your precious baby? Let me help you!

Coming to my home studio and trusting me to take newborn photos you can sit and relax. I’ll comfort your baby. I’ll prepare amazing setups and outfits. I’ll take gorgeous photos you will treasure for ages.

There is another thing you might consider to think about. I’ve put more than 2 years in my education as a newborn photographer. I’ve spent hours and hours learning the best techniques to photograph babies. I know the best angles and lighting to make your photos bright and beautiful. I know how to make it safe and stress-free for the newborn. I have lots of tricks to achieve the best result. I’m professional and I know how to take newborn photos. My experience let me follow the baby, know his needs, understand how to comfort him. This makes the whole photo session nice and relaxed for you and your baby.

My home studio for newborns is cozy and warm. I have a wide library of props, buckets and baskets, wraps and accessories for the session. My studio is baby friendly and tailored for newborn photography. You might also want to read my post on custom made newborn toys I use for the sessions. All my newborn photos are unique and one of a kind thanks to my experience and positive attitude. Message me or give me a call if you want me to take amazing newborn photos for your baby.

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