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Viewing Gallery - what's that?

studio newborn photography

Sometimes people are getting confused with the number of photos included into my newborn package. Will try to explain it in more details.

My current offer states 25 photos in the viewing gallery with 10 digitals included. What does it mean? It means that after the session I'll choose the best 25 photos. They cover various poses, setups, baby face expressions. I edit these 25 photos and upload them to your personal password protected on-line gallery. I send the link to you. These photos are not for downloading. They are for viewing and choosing your favourites. You are welcome to choose as many (or as little) photos as you wish.

As said, 10 chosen photos are included to the session cost, there's no need to pay extra for them, they are "free". If you like more than 10 - that's fine, add them to your favourites for an extra charge of $20 photos per photo. If you decide to have the whole gallery I'm happy to give you a discount.

After your choice is done and your favourite photos are marked I update the gallery. Now it will have the chosen photos only, the photos that you liked and marked as favourites. All other photos will be deleted from the gallery. So if you marked 10 photos your gallery will include 10 photos. No extra payment as 10 photos were included to the package. If you marked 15 photos - there will be 15 chosen photos. In this case there will be more charge of $100 for 5 extra photos.

After that I open the gallery for downloading. You are welcome to download the photos as hi res photos good for printing and as web optimized photos good for screens.

So to be short - if you don't want to pay more than the session cost - you'll be able to download 10 photos as hi res and web photos. And you can choose these 10 out of the 25 edited photos that I will show you. I don't provide all photos from the session (edited or unedited), sorry!

Feel free to ask me if any other details need to be clarified or you are not sure, I'm here to help and I don't want you to be dissapointed!

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