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Posed or more candid family photos - what do you prefer?

candid outdoor family photography

Speaking about family photography I can say there are two main styles - posed classic family portraits and more relaxed candid lifestyle photos. What do you prefer? As a family photographer I like to take a good mixture of both. During our family session we’ll start capturing some posed family photos when you are standing or sitting and looking to the camera. We’ll do different combinations - you as a couple, kids together and individually, the whole family, etc. These photos are usually printed on canvas. You can often see them decorating the walls or gifted to grand parents. These family photos are classic and are always in the trend. The other option is candid lifestyle family photos. This photography captures your emotions, connections, feelings. It might be focused on tiny details creating the mood. Hands, smiles, hugs, movements might be the main part in the photo. Sometimes these photos are tightly cropped. They show just something but not the whole - little toes, closeup hug, your baby’s hand in your hand. These photos might be unfocused or have some movement blur to show the action, the dynamic of the session. Lifestyle family photos make a perfect story and are much better when there are several of them showcased together. These two styles are very different but they have something in common. Family photography is about you and your family, not about your outfits. We are not speaking about fashion photography, right? We are about your family and your happiness being together. So your outfits should be nice and clean but simple and matching. It’s a good idea to make them match in colours and styles. And remember the outfits should match the location. If it’s a beach or a park session fancy official outfits might look weird. You might want to have more relaxed and casual look. Roll your sleeves up, unbutton the collar of your t-shirt, put on some nice elegant top and skirt. Being comfortable during the session is so important!

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