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5 best techniques for capturing children’s personalities in family photos

As a parent, you want your family photos to capture the unique personality of each member, especially your children. However, taking pictures of kids can be challenging, especially if they’re not in the mood or feeling camera-shy. Here are some techniques for capturing children’s personalities in family photos.

outdoor family and baby photo shoot in Auckland

Get on their level

Make sure you’re at eye level with your child when taking their picture. This will help create a more intimate and personal photo that feels like you’re capturing their perspective. If you're taking pictures of children who are crawling on the floor, you can lie down too to get on their level.

Engage their senses

When taking photos of children, try engaging their senses. For example, ask them to listen to a funny sound to keep them engaged. You could also give them something to smell or touch to keep the session interactive and playful.

Capture the moments in between

Sometimes the most genuine moments happen in between shots. Take candid images that capture the sweet moments of your child laughing or running around, which will reflect their personality better than staged poses.

Use props

Props can provide entertainment and can be an excellent way to capture a child’s personality. See if there are toys they love, favorite outfits or games they enjoy playing; it can make for a fun and relaxed photo session, helping enhance your child's comfort level in front of the camera.

Choose a comfortable environment

Familiarity can go a long way in making your child comfortable. Choose a location that is familiar or has significance to them like a park, playground, or indoors as it will help put them at ease and express their personality better.

Capturing your child’s personality in a family photo is more about connecting with them, finding out what makes them tick, and making the environment comfortable and playful so that their essence can shine through. With these techniques, you'll be able to capture authentic images that you'll cherish for years to come.


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