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Do we need to drive several places during the photo shoot?

When we are setting the details for an outdoor session I’m asking for your preferences re the location and suggest the best option.

outdoor maternity photography Auckland

All locations I suggest have one main feature - beach, waterfall, park. But it doesn’t mean we’ll take all photos at the same place with the same background. Each location, I recommend to go to, offers few different spots for taking photos. All of them are in a walking distance and we don’t have to drive.

Wooden bridge, rocks, grass, beautiful trees in the background, steps - I know these locations very well and know how to use them. Depending upon the time of the day, tides (speaking beach sessions), season, and many other details I take the most of amazing New Zealand nature to create the best background for your outdoor photos.

And let me share a secret with you. Some places which doesn’t look nice when you pass them through, might be just WOW in photos. Things look different when we look at them with our eyes and thought the lenses on my camera!

Do you have a special location in mind? Share it with me! I’m happy to go to a different place if it’s special for you. Or ask me if you are not sure of the best place for your upcoming photo shoot, I’m happy to help!


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