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For most ladies coming to me for a maternity photo shoot it's their first time. Most of them are little bit unsure how does it work and what are the steps. Should I talk more about that?

Once you discovered you are pregnant and decided to have a maternity photo shoot done you might want to start looking for a photographer. Or maybe you've seen someone's else photos and thought 'hmmm, I want it too!'. Anyway looking for a photographer is the first step. You might want to Google or ask your friends or look in Instagram or Facebook for references.

outdoor maternity photo shoot auckland

Once you've found one or several that your like you are welcome to message them for rates, package details, what's included, etc

Speaking about my photo shoots I do both studio and outdoor sessions. Depending upon your preferences I'm happy to suggest the best option. The best time for a photo shoot is 27-32 weeks. After 32 weeks it might be a little bit hard for you. Trust me, leaving the photo shoot for the very last weeks might be not a good idea. Not even to mention your baby might decide to come out earlier than expected.

If you choose me as your maternity photographer you don't have to worry about gowns for the photo shoot as I have a wide collection of dresses available for the session. It's absolutely free as a part of the package. I also recommend what will be good for family photos. You are welcome to send me the snapshots of your husband clothes and I'm happy to advise.

I also recommend the location for the photo shoot. Beach, tres, water fall, grassy fields - I have lots of locations in mind. I choose the time for the photo shoot depending upon your availability and many other things. Just to name a few - time of the year, weather forecast, tide level, sun light, etc

During the photo shoot I always help you to pose and guide you through the session. I know how make you look even more gorgeous and add that wow effect to your photos.

After the photo shoot is finished I choose the best photos, fully edit them and create an online gallery for you. All is done and ready in 1 week time after the session. Photos are provided as hi res digital images good for printing and web.

I'm here to help at all stages before, during and after the photo shoot. You are most welcome to message me should you have any concerns or questions. I really want this photo shoot to be a nice and easy journey for you and I put all me expertise and efforts into it.


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