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Some simple tips and tricks if you decide to take baby's photos at home

Let's go for some simple tips and tricks if you decide to take baby's photos at home

studio baby and newborn photography Auckland

- Keep the place warm. When the baby gets cold he is very unsettled and unhappy. So keep the room nice and warm!

- Feed the baby. Keep his/her tummy full and it will be way easier to get beautiful newborn photos. Some babies fall asleep immediately after the feed. Some babies stay awake but calm and happy and give you a chance to take awake photos.

- Keep it short. Follow the baby and don’t push him/her in any way. It’s better to take a break and settle the baby than try to achieve that ‘perfect look’.

- If your camera has a strap put it over your neck. We never-ever want something to fall on the baby and make any harm.

- Leave complicated poses to professionals and don’t try to do it at home. Please note lots of newborn poses are composites and photographers use several images to edit and create the final one. During the professional session there’s always someone very close to the baby, holding his/her head or even the whole body. Keep it simple and safe for the baby.


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