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Lifestyle or studio photo shoot - what to choose?

I do both studio and lifestyle newborn/family photo shoots. Which one to choose? It depends upon your preferences and the style you like better.

During the studio session the baby is wrapped and positioned in props. It’s more classic and traditional way of baby photography. The photos look more like postcards or fine art baby portraits. Studio-like photos can be done at my home-based studio or I can come to your place and style the photo shoot in the comfort of your own house. The photos will be equally good and no-one will be able to guess where the photos were taken.

studio newborn photography Auckland
studio newborn photography Auckland

Lifestyle photos are different. They are more candid and relaxed. They are about your family, your connections, your routine life with the baby. Quite often feeding the baby, changing his clothes, settling the baby are a part of the photo shoot. We take photos at your own house as your house is a huge part of your life. It’s your environment. It’s the place where you live.

lifestyle baby family photo shoot Auckland
lifestyle baby family photo shoot Auckland

Ask me if you still can’t decide which style to choose and I’ll be happy to share a few examples. It will give you the idea of how these photos look like and make your choice easier.

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