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Choosing a location for an outdoor Maternity photo shoots - one spot - endless backgrounds

A common question I receive is how many locations can we include during an outdoor maternity session. I usually stick to one location. Choosing a location for an outdoor maternity photo shoot might be real challenge. However, worry not, as each location I suggest comes with a variety of breathtaking spots and backgrounds that will elevate your maternity photoshoot experience!

outdoor maaternity photo shoot in Auckland

My preferred locations, whether it's a scenic beach or a picturesque park, offer a plethora of options within walking distance. For instance, Long Bay beach, my go-to spot, boasts an array of natural backdrops. From enchanting tree-lined paths to stunning sea views, rocky landscapes to sandy shores, and captivating shallow waters to waves crashing in the distance – this location has it all!

By exploring different spots within one location, we can capture a diverse range of backgrounds to curate a collection of unique and beautiful photos. No need to drive from one place to another; I ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience by utilizing the endless potentials provided by the selected locations.


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