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Photography As an Experience

outdoor family photography
outdoor family photography

Have you ever noticed that looking at some photos you will remember how they were taken. You will remember what you felt, what happened next and how happy you were at the moment? I reckon you do!

I believe photography is not only about photos, prints, canvases on your wall. Taking photos is a whole experience which might be pleasant or not. And actually it doesn’t matter how good the photos are. If the experience of taking them was not good I believe you won’t enjoy them that much. There might be lots of reasons for you to enjoy the session or not. To name just a few:

- are you comfortable with your photographer? Not only during the session but before and after it?

- can the photographer answer your questions about how to get ready for the session? Do you like the answers?

- If your have any questions can the photographer answer them. Do you understand the answers and you don't get lost in technical details?

- does the session go in nice, positive, and in an encouraging way?

- do you feel comfortable doing what you are asked to do?

- If you have kids involved, do they feel comfortable?

- is the photographer patient with kids?

- if something goes not to plan, is the photographer flexible and professional enough to follow the kids and let them “be the boss”?

I’m not speaking about technical side. I assume, your family photographer is professional enough to know how to take beautiful photos. But is the photographer professional enough to make you feel good during the session? Tiny details, small talks, being guiding and invisible at the same time, knowing when to lead and when to follow. All this helps to become friends, even for 1 hour or for longer, who knows!


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