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Relax and sink into an in-home newborn photo session

Here in Aotearoa we’re all about the laid-back, simple lifestyle. From walking barefoot to the dairy to enjoying a BBQ down the beach, keeping it simple and real is where we’re at. And we’re setting the trend worldwide as we see fashions and outlooks becoming more casual. This inevitably flows through into photography and I’ve seen an increase in families requesting relaxed in-home newborn photo shoots. I have to say that I’m loving every minute of it! I’m passionate about meeting new families and capturing newborns in their early days at home. However, I get that for some families it can feel a little daunting inviting someone into their home and private life. In this blog I walk you through my top tips for choosing an in-home newborn photographer and what to expect from the shoot.

What’s the photographer’s personality? Calm and laid back or anxious and inflexible? In-home photography is, by its nature, a relaxed session that tells the story of your family and newborn baby as it unfolds. This requires a photographer with an easy-going personality who is willing to go with the flow. A good in-home photographer will fit around your lifestyle, not vice versa. Before you make a booking, I recommend you chat with your photographer and get to know each other a little. Ask potential photographers about their approach to in-home photography and anything they might expect from you.

How equipped is the photographer? Most photographers will have a well-equipped studio to stage posed photo shoots. But is this studio mobile? Can they bring all the equipment to you, or do they expect you to provide suitable lighting and props? Even houses with the biggest windows and light-filled rooms can prove tricky on a cloudy day, so it’s good to have the back up of professional lighting. Lifestylephoto’s well-organised travel capsule means I bring everything to you: camera, lighting, props and heaps of outfits. That’s not to say that we won’t improvise on the day. The beauty of holding a session in your home is that tiny household details often become part of the shoot; an old fluffy blanket, a baby toy, a wooden cradle or basket make for fabulous props and build unique family memories.

Is my home the right style and size for a photo shoot? The answer should be a resounding YES! But this is a question worth asking; many families worry that their house isn’t big or fancy enough for a photo shoot. I can’t speak for other photographers but I can 100% say that I’ve yet to see a home that isn’t suitable for capturing amazing family and newborn photos. If there’s a particular room or area you want showcased in the photos, we’ll make it work. The garden shed or rumpus room? No problem! All Lifestylephoto requires is a small area of your home and your family looking and feeling at ease. Smile and leave the rest to me!

The proof is in the pudding (or in this case, the photos!) When considering an in-home newborn photographer, ask to see his or her all-important photo galleries. The photos should speak for themselves – a skilled photographer has no need to adopt the hard sell! Photo galleries will give you a clear picture of the photographer’s style and whether this fits with your expectations. So many of my clients remark on how happy and relaxed my families look in their home environment, and I couldn’t agree more. Your home is where I capture those special fleeting moments between you and your baby; tummy time, sweet kisses, cosy cuddles and much more. Check out my photo gallery here.

So, what are you waiting for? Home is certainly where the heart is when it comes to newborn photography. Get in touch today and let’s chat about your next in-home shoot.


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