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Response and Turnaround Times: My Pinky Promise

Auckland studio newborn photography
Auckland studio newborn photography

Getting in touch is easy. Getting a reply is even easier…

We all lead busy lives and have competing demands on our attention at any one time. As founder and owner of LifestylePhoto and mum of three, this rings true to me. However, there’s nothing more frustrating than contacting a business about a service and hearing nothing back for days or even weeks. This is what many of my existing customers tell me they’ve experienced when contacting other Auckland-based photographers. This is not how I work; I want my customers to know how much I value them. That’s why I promise to reply to your messages within an hour. That’s right - one hour!

So, do you want to know about available dates for a newborn photography session? Unsure of the photography package that’s right for you and your family? Or just looking for some friendly guidance from an experienced photographer? Please drop me a line and you’ll hear back from me double-quick.

Even if I’m down at Piha beach on a photo shoot or doing the school drop off, I’ll ping you a quick “hello” to let you know that I’ve seen and acknowledged your message. Then you can expect to receive more detailed information from me a few hours later. This is what I would expect from any business provider, and thus it is my commitment to you. It’s my promise; my pinky promise.

Photograph turnaround times

Once you have all the information you need from me and your session is booked in the diary, there’s only one thing to do – look forward to shoot day! My customers are always impressed at how relaxed and easy our photography sessions together are, and how quickly the session time flies by.

After the shoot, the question on everyone’s lips is: “when will we get to see the photos?” I’m pleased to say my answer to this question is always the same: “within one week”.

As with my response times, I don’t want to keep my customers waiting longer than absolutely necessary. I realise how exhilarating my photo sessions are for you and your family and you’ll be super excited about seeing the finalised photos.

I never compromise on the quality of my photography, though. A week gives me the opportunity to edit and retouch your snaps, adding LifestylePhoto’s professional magic to ensure you get the best results every time. If my schedule allows, I’ll get your photos to you in less than the time quoted at no extra charge to you.

Message or call me to find out more or book your special photography experience. I pinky promise you’ll get a speedy and considered response from me every time. And, as we all know, you never break a pinky promise 😊


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