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I do both studio and outdoor sessions and having more than 15 years of experience I can say both options are good. The choice between studio and outdoor photo shoot depends upon your own preferences, style, age of the people involved and other things.

stuio newborn photo Auckland

For example, speaking about newborns I’d recommend to go either for a studio session or do a lifestyle photo shoot at your place. Studio photos are more about props and styling. The baby is usually sleeping, he’s wrapped and positioned in props. These photos are more staged and posed. Lifestyle in-home newborn/family photo shoot captures your life as it is but in a more beautiful way. Your sweet family moments, everyday routine like feeding or settling the baby, your connections, your new emotions being a bigger family. These photos are as real as the life is. Coming back to them years after will remind you the very first time after your new arrival. It’s very special.

studio maternity photo Auckland

For the maternity photos I’d say I prefer studio sessions. Minimalism and smart natural look are very in the trend now. Either you prefer glamour gowns and floating fabrics or more elegant smart casual outfits, studio maternity photos will show your special time in the most glossy Vogue-style way. They will give you the gloss of a magazine cover girl. Natural background is amazing but simple studio backdrop will transfer all attention to you and your bump. Nothing will take people’s eyes away from your beauty.

Still doubt what session will work better for you? Drop me a message and I’m happy to help. Sometimes we are taking decisions just because everyone is doing in the same way. It’s like a standard - newborns are to be photographed in a studio and maternity is to be done outdoors. Not at all! Try to do it differently, listen to your heart and choose the best photo shoot for your family!


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