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Traditional cake smash or not?

Your baby is turning one and you are planning his/her first year photo shoot. A traditional cake smash in a studio with setups, themes, balloons and of course the cake - I bet it’s the first thing that comes to your mind. But there are lots of other options to choose from.

cake smash baby photography Auckland

If you definitely want a cake smash, we can also go for an outdoor photo shoot. Bring the cake and the baby, and I’ll do the rest. Simple but nice setup which will be good for an outdoor photo shoot, a few cute decorations, happy baby - and voila! A bit different experience but still kind of traditional cake smash photo session.

Or do the cake smash at home. No need for the themed setup, just a cute outfit for the baby and the cake - that’s all we need. And probably a table or a vinyl/wooden floor instead of carpet as the cake will be smashed!

Don’t want to bother about the cake? No worries! I can do that for you. I know what kind of cake will be good for smashing and will look nice in photos. Let me know the preferred colours and leave it to me. The cake will be ready for the session without any efforts from your side.

Drop me a msg to discuss the details and I’ll create the best first year photos for your big little one.


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