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Where do I Get All My Props and Accessories for My Newborn Photography?

auckland studio newborn photography
auckland studio newborn photography

You often ask me where do I get all my props and accessories for my newborn photography. Let’s talk about that a little bit.

As you know I love to style my newborn photos with various props, accessories, flowers. I believe these tiny sweet details add a special touch to my newborn photos and make them unique and one of a kind. I have a wide library of props. This allows me to make lots of different setups and variations and make every single photo session different and so-so beautiful.

To get the most amazing props for my sweet newborn models I’m hunting for some cute stuff. Some props and accessories are bought from international vendors and tiny shops focused in newborn photo props. Some accessories are from local craft shops and crafty people. Some things are done to my special order and no other newborn photographer in Auckland has them. Do you remember my huge white flower or tiny crochet toys which are so good for tiny baby’s hands? I also craft some props myself. I do cozy little blankets, hair bands for little princesses, hats, bonnets and wraps for the babies.

Why do I put so many efforts into props for the newborn photos? You might think it’s just baskets, buckets, some fabric - nothing serious. I believe my efforts and time, love and attention put into props are keeping my newborn photography very special and precious. I believe my love and emotions can be seen through the newborn photos I take for you. Every single photo is full of attention to details. It’s fulfilled with care and love to your little one.


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