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Why I Recommend Booking Your Maternity Session for Your 30-32 Weeks

As a professional baby photographer, I wholeheartedly recommend scheduling your maternity session between weeks 30 and 32 of your pregnancy. This timeframe allows us to capture the beauty, glow, and excitement of your growing baby bump while considering your comfort and the best artistic results.

an outdoor maternity photo shoot in Auckland

By this stage, your belly has become beautifully rounded, and the baby has developed enough to showcase its presence in a visually captivating way.

Booking your maternity session during this period ensures that you're still comfortable and mobile enough to pose in various positions and explore different settings. While we can certainly accommodate sessions at later stages, it's important to remember that you may feel more fatigued as your pregnancy progresses, and certain poses or locations might become more challenging. Early third trimester sessions give us the flexibility to create stunning images without hindering your comfort.

Opting for a maternity session around weeks 30-32 also allows us to plan ahead and tailor the session to your preferences. We can select the ideal outdoor location, prepare any props or accessories you might desire, and discuss wardrobe options that will complement your personal style and emphasize the uniqueness of this incredible journey towards motherhood.

Moreover, from a practical standpoint, booking early ensures availability in my schedule, especially during popular seasons when many expecting mothers desire their sessions. By securing your spot in advance, you don't have to worry about last-minute disappointments or missing out on the perfect timing to document this magical time in your life.


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