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Word of mouth - the best way to find a photographer

I highly believe word of mouth is the best way to find a photographer. It’s even more true speaking a newborn photographer. I remember when my baby was born it was a real struggle for me even to let my mum-in-law hold the baby. Yes, I was quite a nervous mum. So, how was it possible to trust someone you even haven’t seen yet to hold the baby, pose him and what if the baby cries?

studio newborn photo shoot Auckland

It’s very valid. And very true! That’s why I believe word of mouth to be the best way to find a newborn photographer. You can always ask how the session was. Was the photographer gentle with the baby. What happens if the baby needs a break or a feed. What the photographer does if the baby cries? I’m sure your friends would be happy to share their experience!

It’s also one of the reasons I do so many stories on my FB and IG accounts. I want you to know me better. Thanks to stories you can see me at work, see sth from my life, know some ‘insider’ things like how I get prepared for the session and what do other parents feel about my photo shoots. So, when you come to my place for a session or invite me to your house for a photo shoot, you already know me at least a little bit.And you? What’s the best way for you to find a photographer?


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