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What is the most important thing speaking about newborn photography?

studio newborn photography

I’m really happy to hear from parents “you are so good with babies! You are very patient”. Yes, that’s true, I am. I believe you can’t be a newborn photographer if you can’t follow the baby, if you are not patient, if you are not ready to change the session routine to comfort the baby.

Newborn photography differs from all other sorts of photography. During a family session you can expect some cooperation from the family. You can play with toddlers and kids. You can ask parents to do certain things and structure the session. Taking maternity photos for a couple you are dealing with people keen to get nice photos. They are ready to help. They are interested in the process and the result. 

Newborn photography is absolutely different. You can try to ask a newborn to do something. And the chances he’ll do that are as low as 0. The newborn is not interested in the process or in the photos. He does what he wants to do no matter what is happening around him. These photos are actually for Mum and Dad, agree?

As a newborn photographer, I have my own tricks and tips. This makes the photo session stress-free and easy-going for all - the newborn and the parents. I have some peaceful relaxing music on, setups ready to be used, smooth workflow. All these little things help to relax and enjoy the photography process.

Once you arrive at my home studio we are ready to start. If the baby is sleeping I’ll gently wrap him and we’ll start with the 1st setup. If the baby is awake I’ll still wrap him or her, position in the props, and we’ll start with open eyes photos. Actually these photos will be really cute and unique as most of newborn photos are sleepy! So, we’ll take most of it.

I always follow the baby and keep him/her comfortable and happy. After we have enough photos with the 1st setup, we’ll switch to another one and continue the photo session. Depending upon how it goes you might need to feed the baby and make him/her to sleep, it’s ok. Keeping the baby happy during the session is very important. I’m very patient and can wait while you change, feed or comfort your newborn. 

I believe the process of taking the photos is as important as the photos you get.

Making your photo journey pleasant, relaxing, and easy-going is extremely important to me. I believe good vibes and emotions can be read in photos I take. And I’m happy to share them with you!

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