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Adding personal items to a newborn session to create a strong connection between the baby and their family history

As a professional baby photographer, I have captured countless precious moments for families. One thing that makes every photoshoot truly special is the addition of personal items that hold profound meaning. These cherished mementos, such as wedding rings, blankets, or toys, have the power to infuse a touch of love and nostalgia into your newborn's portraits.

studio newborn photography in Auckland

Imagine wrapping your newborn in a soft, cherished blanket that has been passed down through generations or one that holds sentimental value in your family. I believe incorporating these cozy pieces adds a warm touch and creates a tangible connection between your baby and their family history.

I’m absolutely sure the inclusion of personal items during a newborn photoshoot adds depth and meaning to the portraits. It tells a story that goes beyond just capturing a moment; it encapsulates the emotions, love, and happiness that surround your little one's arrival. These images become cherished keepsakes that will transport you back to this magical time in your family's journey.


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