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Best option for newborn photography - at your place or in a studio?

studio newborn photography

There are two options where to take newborn photos. The first one is at your place. The other one is in a studio. What’s better?

Well, I know lots of photographers coming to someone’s house for classic newborn photo sessions. Yes, in some way it’s easier for the family as they don’t need to go somewhere. They feel safe and relaxed being at home. Seems to be really good, right? But I would definitely recommend coming to my home studio if you are after posed styled newborn photography. You ask me why?

At my place I have a wide range of props, accessories, backgrounds. All these things are used to make your newborn photos one of a kind. I rarely (read almost never) take simple naked baby photos. Most of my setups incorporate buckets, baskets, blankets, wraps for the baby, headbands for baby girls, lots of tiny items used as accessories during the photo set. I completely change 3 or 4 setups during the session to give you a variety of photos. Different colours, different backgrounds, different props. All this stuff is right here, at my studio, and it’s so easy to use it. We can even be spontaneous and add something if it was not planned but we are keen. Coming to your place we limit ourselves in variety. If I come to your place it’s most probably I have to take photos with natural light. It’s not bad but it also has some limitations. We’ll need some room near a window. We can’t take photos if it’s really cloudy or dark outside. Natural light can change dramatically in a second and it will effect the photos.

In my studio I’m taking photos with studio light. It’s designed and tailored for baby photography. It’s safe and gives very soft light. At the same time I have full control over the lightning. Depending upon the idea and the setup I can make the photos more moody or keep them bright and soft. Full control over the light makes the session easy-going and smooth. It means we can take all photos faster. It’s easier for the baby, it’s better for you. It makes the session a pleasure not a hard work for you. You are not tired. You enjoy it!

So, just to be short. Coming to my studio gives you variety of photos and makes the newborn session a real pleasure for you and you family.

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