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2021 – the year of the printed photograph

How many photos do you take in a week? Five, ten, fifteen or more? We live in a world where photography is so accessible; we snap everything from what we’re having for dinner to our children going about their morning routine. Yet how many of these photos will be kept and treasured? Very few I suspect. The reality is that our kiddos are the most photographed generation of all time yet ironically very few of these memories will be around to view in years to come. A sad thought, right? That’s why I’m on a mission to make 2021 the year of the printed photograph!

So, what can we do to store our snaps and prevent them from being lost forever? We’ve all moved on from the old school photo albums we had as kids. You know – the ones where the photos slide around and the colours eventually fade? Photo books are the solution! I’m talking modern, layflat photo book creations that seamlessly tell your individual story in the most special way. The beauty of this style of photo book is that you can also include written memories in the form of text boxes and captions; sayings that are meaningful to your family or shared jokes are perfect.

I’ve already started on my quest to ensure that my family’s story is secure for generations to come. For Christmas, I made my kiddos precious photo books detailing their lives from birth to the present day. Compiling these photo books was a delicious trip down memory lane for me. It’s crazy how quickly our children grow and change – from a delicate newborn to a walking, talking mischievous toddler building up to his first day at school and beyond. On tough days (yes, there are many!) I look through the photo books and remember the sweet, innocent days when my children were young.

Do you know the best part? My kids absolutely love their photo books. It’s so special watching them hold these books in their hands and leaf through their personal slice of history.

Of course, my kids are lucky that their mum happens to be a photographer with an awesome eye for layout and all the editing equipment needed😊 Seeing my children so happy with their unique gifts has made me determined to offer these to my lovely customers.

So, if you’ve had a photo shoot with me, I’m happy to make up a special book for you or include this in your next session. Perhaps you have a collection of photos stored on your phone that you don’t know what to do with? Your newborn collection would make a perfect standalone book or even your latest holiday snaps. If the photos are meaningful to you, they’re perfect to be included in your photo book.

Don’t let technology rob your family of precious memories - print more photos in 2021.


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