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Do you have any reference pics for your newborn photo shoot?

Getting ready to your newborn photo shoot I always ask you if you have any preferences re setups and colours for the session. You are most welcome to browse through my galleries and send me a few reference pics you like and probably would like to recreate for your baby.

Auckland studio newborn and baby photography

During the photo shoot I follow the baby and never push him into the pose or props he doesn’t like. That’s why I can’t guarantee exactly the same photo but I’ll do my best recreating your reference pic. I mean I’ll use the same props, basket or little bed, tiny soft blanket, baby toy. Baby’s pose can differ, he might open or close his eyes, but the photo will look pretty much similar to the one you like.

Auckland studio baby and newborm photography

During the photo shoot you see every thing what I’m doing. You see the setups and accessories I’m using. Just in case if you like any changes to be done - let me know during the session. It’s much easier to change some props and accessories during the photo shoot rather than do it later


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