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My baby has developed a baby rash - should I postpone the photo shoot?

When the baby is appx 3 weeks old he might develop a baby rash which is absolutely normal. These pimples normally disappear without any treatment, usually within a few weeks. However it might be a concern if you have your baby photo shoot planned.

studio baby photo Auckland

I can understand you want to see your baby skin nice and smooth in photos and you definitely don’t want to take any photos when his skin is not that nice. But no worries at all! If you look at my baby photos you might think all babies have that wonderful smooth skin. It’s not really so!

Editing photos is a part of my job as a newborn photographer. Yes, I DO edit photos. I use my own tools and tricks to achieve that perfect smooth skin look for every baby no matter what.

So, no worries if your baby has developed a rash. It’s absolutely not the reason to cancel or postpone your photo shoot. If the baby feels good, the rash isn’t itchy and doesn’t bother the baby - go ahead with the session and let me do my magic.


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