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Older siblings are not cooperative during the photo shoot - what to do?

Two days over the weekend I had baby and family photo shoots done at someone’s place. Both families had a newborn and older siblings, they were 1, 2, and 3 year old. And sure thing, the siblings were not very interested in the photo shoot. They even didn’t want to enter the room at first and were hiding behind the furniture.

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Two hours later when I was leaving, they were very upset and didn’t want me to go. They wanted me to stay. Their Mum said: ‘I’m very surprised they were listening to you and following the instructions. No one can make them listen and behave!’

So, what was the trick? Why their attitude and behaviour changed? It’s very easy - I don’t push babies, toddlers and older kids to do anything they don’t really want. I turn the photo shoot into a game. I make the session to be a real fun and adventure for them. I play, I do funny noises, I’m not shy to be silly to make them smile. The only thing that I never do is - I never ask them to say cheese!

A buzzy bee and a falling star were my faves over the weekend. They helped me to entertain the kids and to get them involved. I was able to take beautiful family photos and make siblings smile. Not that fake smile but a very genuine, candid one. It’s definitely worth the efforts, agree?


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