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Siblings at the photo shoot

Lots of parents are overwhelmed having just one baby and I can totally understand that. And now think of all those people who have a toddler and a newborn. Hard, yeah?I have a lot of families with older babies coming for newborn photos. And I can definitely say these are the most fun and active sessions I can imagine. Let’s be honest 1-2-3 old babies are usually not interested in taking photos and posing. It’s usually we, adults, who want beautiful family memories. Kids are just confused what’s going on and why they should stay still, pose for the camera or give a kiss to his little brother or sister.

studio newborn photo shoot Auckland

During the photo shoot older (but still little) kids can behave or don’t listen, they can be very engaged or ignore every single word. They can cry, ask for attention, smile, play, investigate the place, cry and laugh again. And you shouldn’t be sorry if your older baby isn’t very cooperative during the session.

During the photo shoot I’ll try to play with your big little kid and to make him or her more interested in the process. But I’ll need your help too. Try to relax and take it easy if your toddler isn’t very engaged. The calmer and the more positive you are, the better. Together we can create nice family photos for your albums!


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