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Sweet Dreams: The Magic of Newborn Wraps - Secrets from Newborn Photographer

Quite often during my newborn photo shoots I can hear 'wow, my newborn is sleeping through the entire session. Is it because of the wrap?' Well, the short answer is yes, for some part. Let me share a secret.

studio newborn photography in Auckland

Newborn wraps are more than just a prop; they're a cozy cocoon that provides your baby with a sense of security. The gentle, snug feeling mimics the warmth of the womb, which often helps babies relax and fall asleep. Wrapping your newborn can lead to longer and deeper sleep during the session. It's like their own little dream world, where they feel safe and protected. This, in turn, allows us to capture the most tranquil and tender moments without disturbing your precious one.

Another thing is that newborns often have a strong startle reflex, and the wrap helps to limit these sudden movements, ensuring a more peaceful session.

And of course, wraps are not only functional but also versatile in photography. They can be artfully draped to create stunning, artistic poses that highlight the delicate features of your newborn. It's a win-win for comfort and aesthetics.


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