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To smile or not to smile?

During my baby and family sessions I can hear ‘smile baby!’ almost constantly. It doesn’t matter if the baby is 2 weeks or 5 years old, it’s always the same. Just recently I had a mum telling off to her 3 months old baby ‘You are such a naughty girl, you didn’t smile during your photo shoot!’ Even during a maternity session you ask me ‘Should I smile?’

studio newborn photo shoot in Auckland

Nope, you shouldn’t! And leave your kids, just let them be. If they are happy and feel like to smile, they’ll smile. And it will be a natural relaxed happy smile!

To go even further, no one is smiling all the time. If it’s a baby or a family photo shoot, I’m happy to capture your emotions. Smiles, thoughtfulness, being confused, laugh, maybe even tears - all those things might happen to your child during the photo shoot and they are absolutely normal! Only legal authorities need your photos to be ’looking straight to the camera’ Otherwise there are no rules!


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