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What are the main differences between a newborn, baby and family photo session?

Lately I’ve had lots of families asking me, ‘what’s the difference between a newborn, baby and family session?’ In this blog, I explain these differences and answer some FAQs.

Newborn photo sessions

These photo sessions are aimed at your brand-new baby; the newer the better. I’ve photographed newborns from three days of age up to 10 weeks old. These photographs are so special as they document the earliest days of your baby’s life in all his innocence.

The types of poses we capture are unique to newborns and they are the best way to remember your baby as a tiny, sleepy newborn. From close-ups of your newborn’s hands and feet to the characteristic curled up newborn shot, you’ll have a beautiful gallery to treasure forever.

Sessions are generally held in my warm, cosy studio or I can pack up my capsule wardrobe and bring everything over to your place for an in-home shoot.

I like to schedule these sessions in the morning time as this is when your newborn is generally at his or her best. But, don’t worry, it won’t be too early as I know how hard it can be getting out in the mornings with a new baby. I’m flexible and aim to fit around your baby’s routine.

This session is perfect for babies up to 10 weeks, however the best time for newborn babies is when the baby is 5-15 days old.

I three fantastic newborn packages to choose from. Click here to view them all.

Babies and sitters photo sessions

These sessions are aimed at slightly older babies (from three months onwards). Baby will be a lot more alert now, so we’ll capture his or her unique character with lots of eyes open and maybe even some cheeky smiles.

I won’t be wrapping the baby like I do when he or she is newborn, so you might want to borrow some of my beautiful baby outfits and accessories.

I have a fully-equipped studio with lots of props and popular baby toys, guaranteed to engage your older baby and allow us to take some fabulous photos and action shots.

These sessions are generally 1 – 1.5 hours and include 2-3 set ups. Click here to view this package and book.

Family photo sessions

My family shoots still include your newborn or baby, but we’ll also take lots of photographs of the whole family. This can be just your immediate family or extended family with grandparents.

These sessions overflow with love, as we capture small details such as smitten parents stroking baby’s head or grandparents looking tenderly at their grandchildren.

I offer the option to take family photos in my studio or on location, for example at your favourite beach or park. We really are spoiled for choice here in Auckland! Check out my family package here.

Whatever photography session you choose, at Lifestylephoto you can be assured of a personalised, professional service and a gallery of amazing photographs. My quick turnaround times ensure you’re not waiting for more than a few days for your photographs to be delivered. I look forward to seeing you soon for your photo session.


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