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What if the baby doesn’t settle for the photo shoot?

Just recently I’ve got a request for a newborn session. Mum told me that her main worry is what if the baby doesn’t settle for the photo shoot. It’s her second kid. When she went for the photo shoot for her 1st child, the baby was very upset during the session and they managed to get only a few good photos. Hence, she was worried if it might happen again.

studio newborn and baby photography Auckland

It’s a very common worry. If it’s your 1st baby you are worried and not sure what to do if the baby cries. If it’s your baby #2 (3, 4, etc) and you had a sad experience with the previous photo shoot, you might be thinking this session could also be a nightmare.

I’m doing newborn photography for nearly 5 years now. I’ve photographed 350+ babies and definitely have more experience than any parents. During these 5 years I had only 1 baby I wasn’t able to settle. He was 3 months old and probably it was just a bad day for the photo shoot.

All other babies were absolutely fine. Sometimes it takes a bit longer to make the baby happy but usually it all goes well. Clean nappy, full tummy, cozy swaddle, comfortable position - all these things help me to settle the baby and take beautiful photos. Gentle massage also helps to relax your little one and put him asleep.

studio newborn and baby photography Auckland

During the photo shoot we take breaks to settle and feed the baby if it’s needed. I never push the baby to any pose or position that he doesn’t like. I follow the baby and do my best to make the photo shoot as easy and relaxed for the baby and parents as possible.


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