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When Expectations Meet Reality: Addressing a Dissatisfied Customer Experience

As a professional baby photographer, I pride myself on capturing the most precious moments and creating beautiful memories for families to cherish. Today, I want to share an experience that shed light on the importance of managing expectations and ensuring customer satisfaction.

studio and outdoor sessions for babies and families in Auckland

I vividly recall a particular session when a family was disappointed with the final photographs. While I strive for perfection in every shoot, there are various factors that can contribute to a less-than-ideal outcome. In this case, the baby's mood during the session posed challenges that affected the overall amount of setups we were able to photograph.
For every baby session I guarantee at least 2-3 various setups to be taken. If the baby allows and cooperates, I can do up to 6-7 various looks. Some positions and setups are more easy to do, some poses require the baby to be fast asleep. If the baby is awake some poses can’t be done as it’s very unsafe for the baby. I never push the baby to any uncomfortable position, I follow the baby and his comfort and safety are top priorities to me.
That’s why if the baby is awake some setups are skipped even the parents want to see them in photos. I’m always very clear about that during the photo shoot. If you have any concerns or questions about my photography flow, ask them before or during the session. Your feedback is invaluable, as it helps me refine my skills and guarantee an exceptional experience for every family.


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