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Which package to choose for a studio baby/family photo shoot?

I have 3 different packages for my studio baby/family photography. Which package to choose?

studio newborn baby photo shoot Auckland

If you are shy and are looking for baby photos only, package 1 might be your choice. It has 10 photos included and is designed to be focused on the baby. It might be a good option if you are very limited in time for the photo shoot and want to make it short. You might also consider it if you are shy in front of the camera and don’t like to be photographed. However I highly encourage you to think it twice and take at least a few family pics. Your baby is growing and changing very fast and you don’t have another chance to take your family photos when your baby is so fresh.

Package 2 is a good combination of a few family photos and a good gallery of baby pics. It suits for immediate family without older kids. It’s perfect for taking a few family photos (mum and baby, dad and baby, all 3 together) and focused on the baby then. It has 15 photos included and usually these are 5 family and 10 baby pics.

If you have older kids or want grandparents to be included, you’ll definitely need package 3. It has extended gallery of 20 photos and we can do lots of different family combinations without any compromising in baby photos.

Drop me a message if you are not sure which package will work better for you, and I’ll advise


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