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How do I get and choose my photos after newborn photo session

newborn photography, studio portrait of newborn girl

One of the things you might want to know before the newborn session is what will you get after? What are the packages? Actually there are several options: - Digital files only - Hard copies only - Both digitals and hard copies To be honest I prefer the last option - both digital files and hard copies if needed. But I reckon digital images are the most valuable outcome from the session. Why? Well, if you have hi-res digital files you can have any hard printed products you want. You can print as many copies as you want. You can print them on canvas or as an album. You can easily send them overseas via email to grandparents and friends. You can share them in social media. And cherry-on-top - you don’t need to pay extra. You just pay once and you can get them forever. So, my packages include hi-res digital files as well as web versions for screen, emails, and social media. All photos are delivered via passcode protected on-line gallery to keep your privacy. The amount of photos in the gallery depends upon the package you choose. For newborn photography the gallery will have 20-25 images. After the session you’ll get the link and all the instructions to access and open the gallery, choose the photos, and mark your favorites. These can be marked with a like in the gallery or you can send me the numbers via FB or email. If you like more photos than the package includes, that’s fine. Include extra photos into your like list and voila! Once the photos are chosen send me a message and I’ll open the gallery for downloading. While downloading the photos you’ll be offered 2 options - print and web versions will be available. “Prints” are original files good for printing. “Web” versions are for screen, emails, and social media. They are NOT for printing. All instructions on how to download the photos will be sent to you once the gallery is open for downloading. The link to the gallery will be valid for up to 6 months so if something happens to your usb, hard drive or laptop you can easily re-download the images later. All future sessions (maternity, family, newborn, or kids photos) will be added to your gallery as separate folders and you’ll have an access to all your family photos at one place.

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