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Do I need to bring something for my newborn photo session?

Do I need to bring something for my newborn session? The short answer from me as a newborn photographer is NO, all you’ll need is your regular newborn bag with wipes, diapers, bottles, etc. To be honest you can even leave the bag at home as I have all that stuff at my home-studio. Yes, you’ve got that right! My home studio is absolutely ready for our session. I have enough diapers, and wipes, a feeding pillow, changing table, and other things you might need during the session. All that can make your newborn photography experience even more enjoyable and easy-going. The only thing you might want to take is your sentimental items, such as a blanket, a piece of jewelery, a tieback, or your wedding rings if you want to incorporate them into the shots. If you have any, please let me know and I’ll find the best way to have these sentimental things in the pictures.

studio photo of newborn boy, newborn photography

If you have a special outfit for your newborn you might want to think twice before having it for the photo set. I have a wide library of wraps, outfits, accessories, tiebacks, bonnets, hats, etc for the baby. All that outfits are tailored for the newborn photo shoots, they are nice and tiny, and will show newborn cuteness in the most shiny way. And - that is really important - these wraps will fit your newborn perfectly. There’s no need to buy something special that you’ll put on your baby just once. As a newborn photographer I know that unfortunately quite often “special outfits for a photo shoot” bought from unknown vendors doesn’t fit newborns, looking awkward and too big. You might want to browse through my newborn picture gallery to have some ideas or check my post on colours and setups for some inspiration. Give it a go and share your thoughts and expectations before the photo shoot. Before arrival guide can also give your some ideas on getting ready for this wonderful journey! So, just book in your session, bring your precious baby, your “baby bag”, and enjoy!

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