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FAQ prior the newborn photo shoot

For the last several months I've written quite a lot of posts on getting ready for your newborn photo shoot. To summarize and keep most of them at one place this FAQ is created.

studio newborn photography

What is the best time to take newborn photos? 5-15 days after the birth is the best time for newborn photography. The baby is still very sleepy, curly, his/her skin is still clean and there’s no white dots or acne. That’s why it’s a good idea to book your newborn session while you are still pregnant. Give me a call or email, say the due date, and I’ll keep the date in my calendar. It’s a rough date, and we'll confirm it once the baby arrives and you are back home from the hospital. Booking the date allows me to save my time for your session and guarantee that I’m available. See the original post to get more details on what is the best time to take newborn photos Is it possible to take newborn photos is my baby is older than 2 weeks? Don’t worry if you missed that golden 5-15 days period and your baby is over 15 days of age. Rules can be broken! I have photographed babies up to 6 and even 7 weeks old as newborns. As a bonus you’ll get more photos with widely open eyes and cute baby smiles. Great, right?I love photograph newborns, I’m very patient with babies and I have lots of experience with kids. My patience and passion allows me to calm and settle newborns while I photograph them. As a newborn photographer, I have my own little tricks and tips to make newborn photography stress free for families.

See the original post to get more details on what is the best time to take newborn photos

studio newborn photography

What should I know prior the newborn photo shoot? I’m in love with newborn photography. And I highly appreciate you have chosen me as the newborn photographer for your family. Being a newborn photographer and having photographed dozens of newborns and babies, I’m happy to share some of my tips and tricks. This will make the upcoming newborn session stress-free and easy-going. Here is my “before arrival guide”, you might want to read before the session to know what to expect and how to get ready Do I need to bring something for my newborn photo session? The short answer from me as a newborn photographer is NO. All you’ll need is your regular newborn bag with wipes, diapers, bottles, etc. To be honest you can even leave the bag at home as I have all that stuff at my home-studio. Yes, you’ve got that right! My home studio is absolutely ready for our session. I have enough diapers, and wipes, a feeding pillow, and a changing table. All other things you might need during the session are also available. All that can make your newborn photography experience even more enjoyable and easy-going. The only thing you might want to take is your sentimental items. This can be a blanket, a piece of jewelery, a tieback, or your wedding rings. Anything you might want to incorporate into the shots. If you have any, please let me know and I’ll find the best way to have these sentimental things in the pictures.

Read the original post with more details here

studio newborn photography

How do I get and choose my photos after newborn photo session? All my packages include hi-res digital files as well as web versions for screen, emails, and social media. All photos are delivered via passcode protected on-line gallery to keep your privacy. The amount of photos in the gallery depends upon the package you choose. For newborn photography the gallery will have 20-25 images. After the session you’ll get the link and all the instructions to access and open the gallery, choose the photos, and mark your favorites. These can be marked with a like in the gallery or you can send me the numbers via FB or email. If you like more photos than the package includes, that’s fine. Include extra photos into your like list and voila! Here is the full post on the subject with some details

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