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Why I have started doing newborn photography

studio newborn photography

I have 3 beautiful kids and they are 11, 10, and 7 year old now. Time flied so fast and I remember them as toddlers, or babies. Do I remember them as newborns? I’m not that sure! Having a newborn especially when it’s your first baby can be difficult and unexpected in so many ways!Being pregnant, you are counting days to the delivery date thinking it’s the end. No way! It’s just the very beginning! The very beginning of a new wonderful never-ending journey. The point is that you never know how this journey will be before it started, before your baby is born. And even then, your second baby will be absolutely different. I reckon after your second baby you think you are well-prepared but (surprise!) your third one will differ from the first two in so many ways. So, being a new parent can be a tricky, unknown path in the jungle of diapers, breast feeding, baby cries, sleep deprivation, etc. Don’t be scared. You’ll get used to it. In a short time you’ll be much more confident and relaxed. But by then your baby will not be a newborn anymore, he or she will become a baby, a toddler, a child. It’s awesome but so different! Your baby will be bigger, older, and so-so cute but not that tiny and fragile. They change and grow so fast! Being a new parent is very busy. It’s so easy to get lost in dozens of small things to do during the day. What do you remember after that - being tired and busy? I want you to remember that period as the most precious time in your life when you newborn is so fresh, so sweet, so new. I want you to keep these memories. I want you to smile looking at newborn photos of your baby years after. I want you to remember your feelings and emotions when you smell his milky sweetness and hold his tiny feet. Newborn photography is the best way to remember. It allows you to remember your sweet precious newborn in his/her first days. Remember how tiny he/she is, remember his cute face expressions, and cozy squishiness. One day my 11 year old son was very surprised to know that I photographed his tiny feet when he was a newborn. He looked at his feet (as big as mine) and asked “Mum, were they so small?” Yes, they were! And that’s what I remember about him being a newborn! I remember all the good. I always think about those sweet days with a smile on my face. I love those days. And I want you to feel the same. That’s why I do newborn photography. I give you a chance to stop for a moment. To relax. To enjoy. To feel your baby. And I give you a chance to keep these feelings for many-many years.

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