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Photo session at home - yes or no

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One of the most common questions I get before every outdoor family session - what are we going to do in case it rains? The very simple answer is going to a studio and take some studio photos. But actually it’s not my story. And I’m not the right photographer for you if you like studio family photos. I would prefer to come to your place and make the session there. You might want to ask me why? You might say your house is small and not suitable for a family photo session. You might think you need something special to take beautiful photos. Not at all. I would say even more. Your house is the place where you are safe and relaxed. You are natural, candid, and don’t need to care about other people. You know everything. You are safe and sound. You don’t need to pose. The photos we get are full of life, they are natural and keep your emotions and family memories. Feeling safe is even more true speaking about young kids. Some of them can be too excited to be outside. Some of them can be too shy. Some of them get tired of attention and people. Being at home keeps toddlers and kids more relaxed. They have their toys here. They can hide in their secret places. They can share their toys with me and that's the most precious moments. The moments when I can take the sweetest photos that you'll value and treasure for ages. We don’t need something special at your place to take nice photos. All we need is your smiles, your hugs, your emotions, and readiness to share them with me and my camera. That’s the secret of a good family photography. We don't need a huge house for a family session. We can make the whole session in one room. A small deck is a bonus. Even one room can give us enough different backgrounds and variety. Windows and curtains can add some nice effects. I'll use natural light to achieve the result I want and focus on you and your family. You might ask what to wear for the family session. Here is my post about outfits for a family photography, you might want to read it now.

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