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Outdoor newborn photography

outdoor newborn photography

There are many different ways to take photos. But generally all photography can be divided into 2 big groups - studio photos and outdoor photos. Traditionally newborn photography is done indoors, in a studio. It could be so as newborns are very fresh and fragile. In some cultures people keep their newborns at home for the 1st month or so. But rules can be broken! Outdoor newborn photography gives you a unique chance to photograph your fresh baby in an unusual environment. We can take the most of amazing New Zealand nature. At the same time we can keep all convenience of studio photography. You can ask me how? It’s very easy! I have a beautiful garden at my property with lots of hidden green spots. There are lots of plants, trees, wooden backgrounds. It allows us to imitate natural bush or forest background having all studio bonuses. All my library of props, wraps, accessories is right here. We can easily change, feed, or comfort the baby in the studio. And after that we continue the session straight away. Moreover, just in a 5 min walk I have a natural walkway with amazing bush, ferns, local trees, nice hidden paths and bridges. I’m happy to walk there and take some photos in wild nature. It’s truly unique experience and your photos will be one of a kind. It even better for some family photos. It's also perfect for siblings who can be uncomfortable in my studio running around and feeling too excited or shy. If you are worried about baby’s comfort, let me assure it’s all good. The baby will be wrapped and comforted. I’ll use nice and warm wraps and props for the session. And the fresh air will help the baby to sleep nice and deep. And, again, my studio is right here, allowing us to feed, change, or comfort the baby at any time.

So, give it a chance to try something different. This unique newborn photography will create the memories you’ll treasure for ages.

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