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Lifestyle candid newborn photos at your place

newborn photography

What is the place where you are always safe and sound? Where you know everything and nothing makes you feel stressed? There are no other people, only your lovely family? I reckon you already know I’m talking about your home.

We are used to travel to a location for a photo session. We are sure nice newborn photos can be taken in a studio or outdoors. And I believe we highly underestimate the beauty and comfort of our own place. Well, if you are after posed styled classical newborn photos, my home studio is the best choice. It’s cozy and warm. I have a wide library of props, buckets and baskets, wraps and accessories for the session. My studio is baby friendly and tailored for newborn photography. But if you looking for candid lifestyle photos capturing your routine, your real life in a safe environment I would definitely recommend your house. You might say your house is small and not suitable for a newborn photo session. You might think you need something special to take beautiful photos. Not at all. All we need is a room and a bed. I reckon you have one? Solid neutral blanket, some beautiful flowers, casual but nice clothes are important. But actually your smiles and hugs will make the session. Your emotions, connections, your love are the things we are looking for. I’ll help you to relax in front of the camera. I’m happy to give you some instructions and lead you through the session. At the same time I’ll keep the photo session relaxed and stress free. It will be a pleasant journey rather that a a hard work.

We don't need a huge house for a newborn and family session. We can make the whole session in one room. Even one room can give us enough different backgrounds and variety. Windows and curtains can add some nice effects. I'll use natural light to achieve the result I want and focus on you and your family. The photos we’ll get are full of life. They will be natural and keep your emotions and family memories for many-many years.

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